With the addition of Murray Rowley the LMI Group now have literally ‘decades’ of experience in the specialist field of mining loss mitigation and claims preparation. Murray, who is competing with Allan Manning CEO of LMI Group for the number of qualifications and letters after his name, joined LMI in August 2014 and is based in Queensland.

Murray has adjusted claims for the major mining groups including BHP Billiton, Rio Tinto (formerly CRA), Xstrata, Anglo American and Peabody Energy.

He has led the teams involved in major mining and minerals processing claims working in all states of Australia as well as Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, South East Asia, Utah and California, Colombia, Brazil, Peru and Chile. Over the past 10 years he has been heavily involved in reviewing quantum of loss claims with an emphasis on Business Interruption claims arising from flooded open pits in coal mines within the Queensland Bowen Basin.

In January 2008 BHP Billiton Mitsubishi Alliance (BMA) suffered major flooding across the central Queensland coalfields, the event was significant enough to declare the production loss a ‘force majeure’ event under coal delivery contracts. Murray was instrumental in calculating the business interruption loss having spent considerable time analysing mining strip ratios. The claim, together with the material damage section, was settled for an amount in excess of US$650,000,000.

Murray also has significant experience in measuring quantum of economic loss claims arising from the failure of large items of heavy equipment used for removal of overburden in open cut mines including draglines, shovels and excavators. He places a strong emphasis on loss mitigation with some spectacular results including on one claim, the charter of one of the world’s largest commercial heavy lift aircraft the Antonov 124 to transport equipment to the mine site.

Murray also has significant experience in the Iron Ore industry where he has adjusted and settled losses not only at site but also raw materials transport involving train derailment and cyclone damage to port facilities.

Murray is a licensed pilot with command instrument and twin engine ratings, and approximately 5,000 logged hours, he regularly flies his own aircraft to mining related claims throughout Australia.