The Victorian Bushfire Royal Commission released a discussion paper on the Fire Service Levy today. The paper was carefully reviewed by one of the strongest advocates for the removal of insurance taxes, LMI Group’s Dr Allan Manning.

Dr Manning said, "I applaud the Royal Commission on this discussion paper. It is well written, balanced and addresses all the major issues. The paper does not give the impression of bias that the recently released Victorian Government Green paper displayed".

At the same time, the Royal Commission Discussion Paper pointedly outlines the number of previous enquiries that have recommended a change, and which have been ignored by successive governments. Of great importance is the fact that the Discussion Paper not only addresses the unjust Fire Service Levy, but also the outrageous and, until recently, hidden issues of double and triple taxation and the 10% State Government Stamp Duty on vitally important insurance products.

Dr Manning urges anyone with an interest in this important issue, facing not only the insurance industry but the entire community, to make a submission in response to either the Victorian Government’s Green Paper or the Royal Commission Discussion Paper. As Dr Manning says, "This is our best chance in a generation to get rid of the vile tax, which is a huge disincentive to acquire adequate insurance".

Please click here to obtain a copy of the Discussion Paper.