LMI Group’s Managing Director Dr Allan Manning celebrates 40 years in insurance today and to celebrate this milestone has released his latest book, It May Happen to Me! The essential guide to general insurance.

The book marks a shift from his previous 9 works in that this one is designed for the insuring public as well as the insurance professional. It explains the need for insurance, the importance of an insurance broker and that the cost of risk is not just the insurance premium. In Part B of the book he provides an overview of 40 classes of insurance. The front cover also marks a shift and really catches the eye.
It is all written in Allan’s usual easy to read style that makes what, to many can be a boring subject, interesting and highly informative.
When interviewed on the book, Allan said that he has written and priced it in the hope that insurance brokers will give the book to their client’s as a gift to explain the importance of insurance and their insurance broker. Brokers are able to purchase the book at just the cost of printing. See the publications area for details on how to order the book.
The book is dedicated to his wife Helen who he met on his first day in insurance, 5th April 1971. As Allan says, it was a great day in that I found my two great loves in one day, Helen and insurance. Allan linked the two together in his dedication when he wrote: My love for you is the only fire for which I do not need insurance.
Never one to sit still Allan is already working on his next one which has the working title of Making Sense of the Numbers.