Lenders (see Vic holds two FSL reviews) has defended state stamp duty and fed GST imposed on top of the FSL on premiums, saying they all helped fund fire services. In state parlt, National Party leader Peter Hall questioned the sincerity of the govt’s FSL review, given its green paper described the current system as the preferred model. Hall said there was "a complete absence" in the paper of any mention of GST and state stamp duty which, on top of the FSL, made cover in Vic "the most expensive insurance in Aust" (CN 1650, 1644, 1642). Lenders accused Hall of preferring a partisan debate to genuine community consultation. But he went on to question whether sufficient funds would be available for fire services if stamp duty and GST on premiums were scrapped. "Yes, there is revenue for the state from duties on premiums, but Vic also last year spent $1bn on suppressing fires. If [Hall] wants to talk about GST, the GST comes back to the states. Vic has 24.9% of the national population and receives 22.8% of GST [collections]. That money comes back to the state and a big slab of it funds $1bn in fire suppression and fire prevention." Lenders said it was "not helpful" if the starting point for public debate was "a mantra which says the FSL is bad". "Whether it is good or bad and whether it can be improved or not improved, we should remember the green paper gives the opportunity to respond."