With cyber security and insurance of such interest, LMI's Prof Allan Manning and Steve Manning have collaborated on research into the subject and share their findings in a new eBook that is available at no cost from today.  Please click here to view your copy.

As with our other eBook titles, this eBook it is available in hard copy as well although there is a fee for this to cover the cost of printing. Either version of the book can be co-badged with your company’s logo and details on the cover and where appropriate within the book itself.

The book is the third spoke in a wheel of knowledge that LMI have been working on to assist the industry and the wider business community understand the risks and insurance coverage available for cyber. The other initiatives are that Cyber Insurance comparisons are now available on PolicyComparison.com to subscribers while Cyber Risk has been added to RiskCoach as the 12th class of insurance risk analysed for over 4,000 industries.

With the recent criticism of the insurance industry in the personal lines area, coupled with the announcement of a Federal Government-run comparison website for north Queensland insurance, the Mannings have already started work on a Guide to Home and Contents Insurance to explain the various areas of coverage and the trips and traps that can arise in the various policies and what to look rather than just the price/premium.

In the meantime, please have a read of this latest guide and please share it with your colleagues and clients if you believe it will be of benefit to them.