New Feature Release Dec 2013

LMI PolicyComparison has upgraded its website with extra features and improvements!

Search Features

Tailor the comparison exactly to your clients' needs and provide them with only the information they really need!

Search for specific features of the Comparison which are relevant to your needs. Only the selected items will show on your download.

A yellow banner will appear at the top of your download noting these are your Selected Features

Clearer Messages

Filter Options

the Filter options are highlighted bold with an orangemessage box to remind you of Extra Features

Viewing Options

If you have not selected the “All” view, a yellowbar will pop up to remind you which view you are in (e.g. Most Popular, Water Perils)

Icon View

Did you know you can view the responses in either Text View or easy Icon View?  The asterisk (for more information) has been made bigger, and red, with an explanation legend shown in a grey banner explaining the asterisk

Text View

The Text View shows the first three lines of each response.  The yellow arrow indicating there is more information available is now yellowand brighter.  An explanation legend is also now shown in a grey banner.

Download this step-by-step User Guide detailing these new features and more. The guide also outlines how to Customise your Comparison, Printingand Downloading options, and extra Support Services available to you.

If you have any queries, our friendly team will be more than happy to assist you.
Please click here to contact our team or, while you’re withinLMI PolicyComparison.

We hope you enjoy the enhanced functionality and new features, which have been designed with you in mind.  By customising your comparisons, we aim to enrich your LMI PolicyComparison experience, maximise the benefit of your subscription and assist you to find the right product to meet the specific needs of your clients.