New Feature Release for LMI PolicyComparison

Streamlined Policy Library for easier wording searches!
Our team has been listening to your feedback and identified that the most popular area of our site other than the actual policy comparisons, would benefit from improvement.  The result is a more streamlined and user friendly Policy Library, that makes locating the wordings you are looking for even easier! 
Policy Library
We have now aligned the search criteria to match LMI PolicyComparison  and removed the multiple entries so you now only see one entry per policy wording. Much Simpler!
Simply select your search by Company and Product Class or enter the policy code if you prefer. You will be provided with a concise list of all the available wordings matching your search criteria from the thousands of wordings stored in LMI Policy Library.


As before, just click on the Policy Title and Code to open or download current or archived PDF’s for your convenience.


We hope you enjoy the enhanced functionality and new features, which have been designed with you in mind. We aim to enrich your LMI PolicyComparison experience and maximise the benefit of your subscription.