LMI pleased to advise that we have now added Corporate Travel as the 13th class of general insurance on which we provide risk and insurance information to our subscribers through LMI RiskCoach.

Besides a wealth of general information about this important class of insurance we have included Corporate Travel in the Hazard Index and Risk Specific questions and points to consider for over 5,000 occupations.

The idea behind introducing Corporate Travel to LMI RiskCoach is to assist insurance brokers and advisers to introduce this class of insurance into the conversation with their clients and use this as an aid to selling, an education piece and as a protector of their professional indemnity program. 

The reason we chose Corporate Travel is due to the amount of travel people in Australia and New Zealand undertake along with the the sheer volume of claims that arise in this class. 

We already have Corporate Travel up on LMI PolicyComparison.com and LMI ClaimsComparison.com in Australia and while we have leisure travel up as well on LMI ClaimsComparison.com we are working on this as a complete new class on LMI PolicyComparison. I will post an article when this massive piece of work is completed.

Regular users of the popular site will see that we have changed the name of "Machinery and Electronic Breakdown" to simply Equipment Breakdown in line with current market practice.

RiskCoach on the Go is also being updated with these changes and we will advise when the changes, which have to go through the relevant app stores, are completed.

The team at LMI and I would like to thank the invaluable assistance we received from the team at TravelCard Real Time Travel Insurance in developing this entire new product class on LMI RiskCoach.