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Passwords, 2FA and Password Managers

How strong passwords and good practices can help to protect you against hackers. Now, more than ever, it’s important to...
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Happy Easter!

Happy Easter to all of those who celebrate! Our offices will be closed from the 2/4/21 to the 6/4/21 but...
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LMI Group NZ officially turns 10

Today marks the official 10th birthday of LMI Group New Zealand. On the 1st April 2011 LMI Group NZ acquired...
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LMI NZ: Phoenix Award – United Movers & Donaldson Brown

LMI Group NZ recognises United Movers and Donaldson Brown with a Phoenix Award. The Phoenix Award is awarded to those...
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Tasmanian Distillery Accident

An accident at a Tasmanian Distillery caused extensive fire damage to a Production Shed. The fire caused direct damage to...
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Broker’s Guide: NSW Flooding

Brokers: Talk to us today to see how we can help with your claims. Click here. A Natural Disaster has...
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INTRODUCING: LMI RiskCoach OnTheGo Version 2.0

We are pleased to announce the next evolution in our award-winning system, LMI RiskCoach, with RiskCoach OnTheGo version 2.0. The...
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Monthly Webinar Registration Schedule (MAR-APR 2021)

Free webinar registration! We want to keep you informed of our upcoming webinar training!  Here are list of dates, subjects...
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LMI Claims Appointed.

LMI have been appointed to several major losses over the past few days. This includes a major mining event where...
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Promotions within LMI Legal

One of my many roles within the LMI Group is as a non-practicing Director of LMI Legal, which is a specialty...
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