LMI Group is pleased to announce the opening of its Western Australian office.

Dr Allan Manning, owner of LMI Group, said the company had been planning to open in WA for some time, but had been holding off until they could get the right team in place.

Having worked in WA himself in the early nineties, Dr Manning stated he had first-hand experience of a large number of sizeable and complex losses. “We knew we had to attract the appropriate expertise”, he said. “That expertise has been located in the form of local firm, YourClaim, who will be commencing operations as LMI Western Australia effective January 2009.”

Mr John Quinn, owner of YourClaim, was equally delighted with the new arrangements. “If you look at what’s occurred in the insurance claim and insurance product knowledge arenas generally, you’d be hard pressed to find a firm more innovative than LMI Group, when you consider they have introduced electronic powerhouses such as LMI PolicyComparison, LMI BICalculator, LMI RiskCoach and LMI ContinuityCoach”, he noted.

“It didn’t take long to realise any get together was going to be beneficial to both us and our Broker clients. Give us a few weeks to get the systems integrated and new premises and we’ll be out visiting the WA brokers in person, letting them know the suite of services we can offer and resources they can call upon when required.”