It is reported that 70% of the homes along the coast just south of Kalbarri have been damaged as a result of the destructive winds of Cyclone Seroja.

Kalbarri is well south of the 26th parallel (tropic of Capricorn) with the 26th parallel (South) considered erroneously by many as the extent south that cyclones will cause damage.

I heard on the news that at least one resident affected by the cyclone was not insured. It is so often those that can least afford not to be insured after a loss are the ones that run the risk. I hope that this is an isolated case.

While Cyclone Seroja hit Western Australia, the reality is that this could easily have occurred on the East Coast. Losses from flood and storm are the biggest causes of property losses in Australia.

We hope that those affected are safe and well, and that power and communications are restored quickly allowing insurers, loss adjusters and builders to get the property damage repaired as quickly as possible. The issue here, of course, is to make sure that all reconstruction is up to code to reduce the likelihood of future storm damage.

LMI’s WA office supported by the Australian claims team is on standby to assist as required.

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