PolicyComparison update released today!

Our eServices are constantly evolving, and continuing in that tradition the LMI Digital team have made some improvements to our PolicyComparison offering.

PolicyComparison update to be released today (Monday 18th January, 2021):

Sharper refreshed look and feel to the icons: We’ve made it even easier to see at a glance what is and is not included with a policy.

New icon: to show you when a benefit is additional to the Sum Insured rather than limited within it.

Quick-hover policy details: Quickly see the differences of cost, time periods and also definitions. All of which are able to be expanded upon in detail.

Improved PDF / Excel downloads: Protect your professional indemnity exposure by using our improved PDF/Excel download function by sending an email to your client.

As always, we welcome your feedback on these PCI updates or on any other feature we offer. Please let us know your thoughts and feedback in the comment box below.

These new features and more will be covered in this year’s new webinars! Get direct access to Sharron Walker, Director of Policy Services and Steve Manning, CEO, as they go into detail on LMI’s eServices. To ensure that you don’t miss out click here to register.

Visit PolicyComparison today to try out the new features! Not a subscriber? Talk to our team about subscribing here.