The Phoenix Award has become the symbol of reemergence for those that receive it. Experiencing an insurable event is never easy. It can quite easily drive successful business under and take a mental toll on those that go through it. With this in mind that we choose to recognise the tenacity of our clients who persevere though hard times.

“The strongest steel must endure the hottest fire” reads the inscription the Phoenix Award’s. An award that LMI Group give to those client who persevere though a loss. This holds true for the following story:

On the 10th of April 2019 Select Harvests experienced a fire in their factory 110kms south-west of Mildura in Victoria. The fire originated in the almond roasting oven which caused extensive damage to this critical and highly specialised instrument. With no one injured, their attention turned to the effect on their production. Without immediate action, their production would have halted. This would have affected suppliers and stockists alike with the a replacement oven some 8 months away. Not only this, but an event of this magnitude could easily take jobs from the Murray-Malley region.

Fortunately, with quick action from management, the ingenuity of the production crew and a little local know-how meant that production could resume. The burnt-out oven was gutted and repaired to a state that some semblance of normal production could resume. Additional ongoing maintenance and supervision was required. Paul Kaiser of McLardy McShane Kaiser recommended LMI Group immediately after the loss. This allowed us to help facilitate this return to production and to ensure they were back at 100%. National Claims Executive, Lior Maisner & Director of Forensics, Revell Weightman worked on behalf of LMI Group.


With the support of the LMI Group and their insurers, they resumed normal production within a matter of weeks. With a team of cooperative insurance representatives, a can-do attitude from the insured and some fantastic Mallee engineering know-how, the insured kept the fall out from this fire to an absolute minimum. Also, their insurers fully indemnified them without issue.

A truly enormous effort from all involved and a shining example of the value insurance can provide in disaster-recovery.

Roasting Oven
The roasting oven at the centre of the claim.