LMI's Managing Director travelled to Lyndhurst to present LMI's Phoenix Awards to Feingold Flower Growers and their insurance broker, Fitzpatrick Insurance Brokers. 

This signifies, a business that has suffered very severe damage and or a disruption to the business and yet survive. The inspiration for the award came from my doctoral research into business survival which showed that 50% of businesses that suffered a major loss failed within 2 years. The whole drive behind LMI is to reduce this statistic by working with quality insurance brokers and their clients. If a business gets through this very tough time they are usually the better for it. As the words on the award say: the finest steel has to endure the hottest fire.

Feingold Flowergrowers of Lyndhurst, south east of Melbourne, suffered a major fire which could easily have destroyed their business, but due to the hard work of the owner John Feingold, his senior manager Craig Ellis and their staff, backed by the expertise of Fitzpatrick Insurance Brokers and the speed and reasonableness of The Hollard Insurance Company, Feingold's not only survived but are now doing better than ever. Last week and the orders for the next couple leading up to Mother's Day are all records for the business. Well done to all those involved. 

Owner John Feingold thanked LMI for their assistance in mitigating the loss and quantifying and presenting their claim on their behalf.

The majority of the LMI Claims Services team are now focused on assisting the many businesses effected by the series of storms in New South Wales. I you or one of your client's needs assistance please contact your nearest LMI Office or email claim@lmigroup.com