New feature now available on PolicyComparison!


Private Motor Product Class.

To keep up with the growing features and benefits, our Private Motor class has undergone a major upgrade.


We currently compare 116 current Private Motor wordings showing 119 points of comparison.

We now include 3 new sections with an improved feature layout.

With 32 additional points of comparison there are too many to list here.  The main topical area being:



With the increased popularity of Ridesharing drivers in Australia, subscribers clearly wanted us to identify how

Insurers are currently addressing this in their wordings.  Now you can quickly and clearly identify how all 116

current Private Motor wordings we compare respond to Ridesharing.  The results are quite varied indeed!

Some Insurers specifically include the cover, some provide with restrictions, whilst others exclude completely.


The quickest way to identify the differences is to use our Search by Feature option and type Rideshare to display

how each of the 116 policies compared in LMI PolicyComparison responds. 


View the official document for further information and images: