As a service to our valued subscribers, we list below the policy comparisons that have been added to

Australia’s premier policy comparison website in the last month. You can now view these comparisons at

Allianz Farm Pack – POL065BAFI_0416
APIA Boat Insurance – AP2679_0516
APIA Car Advantage Insurance with Roadside Assist – AP02571_0516A
APIA Caravan Insurance – AP02576_0516
APIA Home and Contents Extra Insurance with Home Assist – AP02655_0516A
APIA Home and Contents Insurance with Home Assist – AP02580_0516A
APIA Landlord Insurance – AP02611_0516
Brooklyn Underwriting Combined Information Technology Legal Liability Insurance – MIT_V2.1_0515
Brooklyn Underwriting Cyber Data Protect – CyberDataProtect_V2_0814
Elders Insurance (Underwriting Agency) Business Commercial Retail Industrial Insurance – QM2606_0516
eSentry Underwriting Annual (Run Off Basis) Construction Legal Liability & Professional Indemnity Policy – TMNF-CWA(RO)-POL2016-VER1_0316
eSentry Underwriting Annual (Transfer Basis) Construction Legal Liability & Professional Indemnity Policy – TMNF-CWA(T)-POL2016-VER1_0316
Hollard Insurance Co Pty Ltd Business Insurance Policy – HBIP_0516
Just Car Insurance Comprehensive Car Insurance – J01425_0914C
Pantaenius Australia Sail and Motor Yacht Insurance – SailMotorYacht_1115
QBE Insurance Australia Ltd Corporate Travel Insurance – QM184_0116
QBE Insurance Australia Ltd Farm Pack – QM7794_0516
QBE Insurance Australia Ltd Office Package – QM208_0316
QBE Insurance Australia Ltd Trades Package – QM207_0316
RACQI Boat Insurance – RTBI2_1215
RACQI Body Corporate Insurance Policy – RBC2_1215
RACQI Caravan Insurance Policy – RCVC2_1215
RACQI Household Insurance – Advanced Cover – RHHB2_1215
RACQI Motor Vehicle Insurance – RCMV2_1215
RACQI Unique Vehicle Insurance – RCMUV2_1215
Sura Owner Builder Construction Policy – SURCON-OBP1.1_0815
TIO Territory Home Insurance Essential Cover – POL889TIO_0216
TIO Territory Home Insurance Premium Cover – POL888TIO_0216
TIO Territory Landlord Insurance – POL890TIO_0216
Youi Insurance Home Insurance – Youi-Home_0516


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