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Policy Coach International are your specialists in designing and developing
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needs but set you apart from the rest.

The Process


Project Management

Policy Drafting

Policy Drafting

The LMI PolicyDrafting division is your specialist when it comes to Policy Services. Including, insight into the market, the changes taking place, understanding your requirements and working with you to apply these into an industry leading market ready wording.

We provide an all-inclusive dynamic approach when it comes to drafting your wording.

The Process

We understand that Policy Drafting projects often evolve from their
initial scope and plan. With the best outcomes achieved when this is embraced.
Therefore we support a dynamic and fluid project style that allows for changes to be
made throughout the process.

A stack of paper with a crossed wrench and hammer in front

Research & Analysis

Utilising our extensive database ‘PolicyComparison.com’ we begin the process by conduct extensive market analysis and benchmarking of current coverages available in the market.

This valuable research is then paired with coverage options and recommendations provided by our experienced team. This meaningful information ensures a solid base for the entire drafting process  

Dedicated Project Management

To ensure a smooth and seamless process, all drafting projects are managed by
a dedicated experienced project manager.  Together we develop a project brief which
forms the ‘roadmap’ for the drafting of your new wording.

Saving you countless hours’ time and money throughout the process

A contract with a stethoscope wrapped around it.

Agile Policy Drafting

We now put pen to paper drafting your new wording with the surety provided by a well-documented clear direction ‘our roadmap’

At regular intervals throughout the process, our drafting team will present the wording to you, enabling you an opportunity to make comments and make any additional changes to the wording.

With this agile approach your product evolves as your needs do, guaranteeing the best possible product on completion.

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