…we are beginning to see Insurers changing their wordings in response to COVID-19.

Sharron Walker, Director of Policy Services

JULY 2020 – PolicyComparison Report

The PolicyComparison team have certainly been kept busy over the last few months and we are beginning to see Insurers changing their wordings in response to COVID-19.

April and May mainly saw Leisure Travel and Business Packs impacted by COVID-related changes. These being Business Interruption section, particularly to Closure restrictions, and updating the Acts from Quarantine to Biosecurity in Exclusions.

In June we saw more changes in the Personal Lines classes.

Landlord Insurance image to go to PolicyComparison

The PolicyComparison team have found that rent default is dominating Landlord policy changes, either removing or restricting their coverage. There are still some insurers providing this cover, so it’s best to always check!

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Private Motor and Home insurance have seen two new Insurers and three brand new wordings enter the broker space with some new market features.

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There has also been a variety of changes seen here and in Pet wordings.

Details of the policy comparison and changes are just a click away at PolicyComparison. Within the tool, hover over the new icon to get a summary, or click “Show what’s new” to see all the changes highlighted in the comparison.

Join me at our next webinar training session soon, and learn more about what is happening in PolicyComparison! Look forward to seeing you soon.

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Sharron Walker – Director of Policy Services

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