ContinuityCoach Single Plan + Expert Guided Assistance

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ContinuityCoach – Single Plan + Expert Guided Assistance

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What is included?

Single Plan

A Single Plan = One Business Location

Business Continuity Planning is the peace of mind and assurance that you have
a plan in place should something happen. If crisis a occurs, you will know what to do.

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Expert Guided Assistance

Over three fact filled hours will be spent with a ContinuityCoach Expert planning,
reviewing and explaining how to get the best out of you or your client’s time investment.
This ensures that you or your client’s business will be better prepared for an incident or crisis.

Once ordered, we will be in contact with you to book an appointment, the next business day or sooner.

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= Peace of mind

Not familiar with Business Continuity best practices or just don’t have the time to

lead the Business Continuity project? Let our Experts guide you. 

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