LIVE Insurance Fraud Masterclass (Starts 29/8) – Peter Hiscock

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Former Police Detective Peter Hiscock hosts the LIVE Insurance Fraud Masterclass.


Presented by Peter Hiscock, Fire & General Claims Investigator with 30 years experience investigating fraud, predominantly for the insurance industry.  Peter is a charismatic presenter who will share his claims and insurance fraud experiences with you in our new Insurance Fraud webinar series.


Lecture Details:

Session Times Quoted in AEST
Duration approx. 3hrs
1 Ticket = 1 Attendee/Delegate (Groups must purchase multiple tickets)

Session  –  Monday, 29 August 2022 @ 11:00 AM – 2:00 PM


Who should attend: This course is designed for all insurance professionals looking to increase their awareness of insurance fraud and prevention.

Session Outcome: A foundational understanding of the fundamental principles of insurance fraud and how to best identify fraud.

Course Outline: Insurance Fraud is a challenging issue that is impacting on insurance professionals across the industry.  Whether you are a starting in the insurance industry or an experienced claims professional, join Peter Hiscock in our masterclass webinar series to increase your awareness of insurance fraud.

Learning Outcomes: Define insurance fraud, Define various investigation roles, Explain the investigation process, Explain defrauder profiles and behaviours, Explain investigation and interview techniques, Identify insurance fraud indicators, Identify and examine instances of insurance fraud, Explain why insurance fraud needs to be contained.

Who is Peter Hiscock?

Peter is a Fire & General Claims Investigator with thirty years experience investigating fraud, predominantly for the insurance industry

For fifteen years Peter served his community as a Victorian police officer before being elevated to Detective Senior Sergeant. For five and a half years Peter investigated some of the country’s most heinous crimes as a homicide squad detective.

Later, Peter used his investigative skills to commence private practice investigating insurance fraud.

Peter is revered as the best in his field, and it is in collaboration with Peter that LMI College brings you this module: Introduction to Insurance Fraud.


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