Risk Series: Firewall Basics

LMI College are pleased to announce the release of our latest course, Firewall Basics.

Available on our Continued Professional Development (CPD) Portal, our course discusses the different types of firewalls, restrictions applying to openings and penetrations in firewalls, and closing mechanisms associated with firewall openings and penetrations. Distinctions are made between a firewall, fire barrier and fire partition, and differences in the design, ratings and construction of firewalls, barriers and partitions is identified.

Multiple choice assessments are available at the end of the course. A total of 1 CPD Point will be earned upon completion.

We hope you enjoy this course. If you have any queries regarding education, or would like to have a chat about your training needs, please contact your workplace training supervisor or any of the LMI College team.

Click here to open the course.

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