Insurance fraud is a challenging issue that is impacting insurance professionals across the industry.  Whether you are just starting in the insurance industry, or are an experienced claims professional, our series of short courses aim to increase your awareness of insurance fraud.

Our courses include interviews and videos from our Fraud Masterclass host, Peter Hiscock.  Peter’s extensive background, particularly his experience as an insurance fraud investigator, provides some real insights into the world of insurance fraud.

We’ve used short stories from Peter (videos) to add a real-life application to the training.  Peter is a Fire & General Claims Investigator with over 30 years experience investigating fraud, predominantly for the insurance industry.

The Insurance fraud CPD courses include topics such as:

  • Insurance fraud explained
  • Investigating and managing insurance fraud
  • Recognising and investigating arson, motor and burglary fraud
  • Profiling insurance defrauders
  • Claims and insurance fraud

Multiple choice assessments are available throughout the courses.  Either one (1) or one and a half (1.5) CPD points will be earned for each course upon completion.

We hope you enjoy this series.  If you have any queries regarding education or would like to have a chat about your training needs, please contact the LMI College team.

Click here to open the first course in the series, Introduction to Insurance Fraud.

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