PolicyComparison: Over 800 comparisons uploaded since June – including new Season Crop

Recognising Claims Excellence!

LMI PolicyComparison will now display Insurer Claims STAR rating with each Policy compared. There is no denying the importance of claims service, it is after all why our clients purchase insurance. It is for this reason that the team at LMI PolicyComparison are pleased to announce the addition of this all important element to our comparisons. Found at the top of each comparison and populated using the recently released LMI ClaimsComparison.com ratings, we hope this new addition further assists you in guiding your clients in selecting the right policy

Latest trends:

Landlords wordings have a few key trends to look out for:

Rent Default cover returned, generally with lower limits than before COVID  and more Insurers providing

Separate Landlords wordings  we are seeing more separations of Landlord covers into specific wordings, whilst some home wordings provide very limited landlords inclusions

Short-term rental/party exclusions & conditions emerging


Seasonal Crop wordings released and published.

Bushfire protection benefits are a positive emergence, some without requiring actual fire damage to the property, eg replacement of tank water and fire retardant clean up costs.


NCD protection changes

Updated UCT wordings have mainly been released into the market previously reported continue.

Target Market Determinations (TMD)’s are now emerging, in preparation for October deadline.

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