Social Responsibility


Social Responsibility

One of our core values at LMI Group is family values & teamwork.
As part of our everyday work we strive for the best outcomes for our clients…
Every day people like us who are trying to do their best.
This is why we have such a passion to help others. Going above and beyond to make everyone’s lives we can touch, better.

Established Charity

In Australia we assist a number of charities including the Salvation Army, the Cancer Council, Charlie’s Run of Kids.

International Aid

We strive to be good corporate citizens by helping those that are less fortunate than us. Our charitable endeavours extend to assisting schools in Cambodia and Indonesia. The Indonesian school has an orphanage attached which receives the lion’s share of our international aid.

We also work with the Berdiri Foundation on conservation on the island of Sumatra. We have supported their efforts with elephant ultrasound machinery and other veterinary equipment.

Championing Of Utmost Good Faith

LMI are joint founders in The Mansfield Awards an annual not-for-profit industry awards event to
recognise claims excellence in the Australian insurance industry.
The Mansfield Awards emphasises the vital role that claims professionals play
in the insurance industry and recognises those achieving excellence in this field.
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LMI continue to campaign for social reform in the area of taxation fairness, ethics,
trust and professionalism in insurance, and risk reduction especially in the area of flood mitigation.
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We at LMI believe strongly that Insurance should be tax free. This would significantly aid in making insurance, a viable risk management option to every member of the community through increased affordability. This is why we have championed this cause by lobbying the government and making noise in the industry and public alike. Find out morehere.

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle Program

One of LMI Group core principles centres around our commitment to the environment,
this undertaking was built around the principle of efficient use of resources;
our reduce, reuse, and recycle program has seen the adoption of sustainable solar energy,
waste reduction and use of recycled over single use products.

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