Tennis ball sized hail stones and a months worth of rain hit Queensland overnight, leaving flooding and storm damage in its wake. Unfortunately, it seems that more is predicted in the next few days.

While every business and loss is different, LMI have had significant experience assisting businesses in recovering from similar losses. We understand the pressures and pitfalls that business owners face during this time, including the importance of setting up the recovery strategy early to minimise the disruption of flood and storm damage. 

When Cyclone Debbie impacted Queensland in 2017, we interviewed a number of our experts, such as Dr. Allan Manning and Georg Froeschl. The video below covers many topics that will be useful for business owners affected by storm damage. It is also useful for brokers with clients who are affected.

Our Cyclone Debbie Special report (What to look out for with storm damage):

How we can help with flood and storm damage:

If you or one of your clients has suffered a loss, please call our claims team or fill out the form below for a call-back. They are standing by to assist in any way they can. In most cases, our services may be covered under the policy. You can read more about how we can assist you here.