LMI College are pleased to announce our new initiative, Study Together with LMI College!

Do you ever feel like you don’t have the time to do your coursework? Are you not sure where to start? Does it feel like it would be easier with other people around you also doing the course?

If any of these sound like you (or even if they don’t) we’d like to introduce you to Study Together with LMI College. The goal of Study Together with LMI College is to create a space where students can get a foothold in their coursework, and work with other students in getting ideas and knowledge for your assessments.

Once a week we will host a one and a half (1.5) hour zoom session that will be open to all students currently completing a qualification course. This session will act as a quiet, collaborative study space for all individuals and will be facilitated by one of our LMI College team.

**Please be advised that while this will be a space where students can share ideas and knowledge, all work submitted must still be your own.**

Sessions start in July, click here to register.

All times are quoted in AEST

DateStart TimeEnd Time
Tuesday 4th July12:30pm2:00pm
Wednesday 12th July8:30am10:00am
Thursday 20th July12:30pm2:00pm
Friday 4th August8:30am10:00am
Wednesday 9th August8:30am10:00am
Tuesday 15th August8:30am10:00am
Thursday 24th August12:30pm2:00pm
Tuesday 29th August12:30pm2:00pm

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