An accident at a Tasmanian Distillery caused extensive fire damage to a Production Shed. The fire caused direct damage to an office and mezzanine level also caused contamination to the distillery equipment, with the porous copper stills being permeated by smoke. The mezzanine was a light structure designed for storage of minor items and parts and therefore non weight bearing.

Remediation of the damage due to the Distillery Accident is estimated to involve the removal of much of the specialised equipment (some put in place before the shed itself was constructed).

Gary Price of LMI Group Tasmania has been appointed to oversee the claim and to ensure that operations of the distillery are returned to normal.

Gary had an opportunity to document the damage to the Production Shed. See the pictures below.

We will to bring you more as the claim progresses.

How we can help with fire damage in specialised industry, like this distillery:

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