Your assistance and advice over the last five months has been invaluable.
I would like to thank you and Jodie for your great work along with everyone at LMI who has worked on this claim.
Having LMI handle the claim on our behalf was one of the best decisions we have made in a long time.
We really want to say how tremendously thankful we are to you personally for your dedication and unwavering support during this immensely frustrating and trying time.
They always strive to help our clients through the many challenging obstacles that significant loss events inevitably bring.
Thank you for your guidance, advice and support through the outbreak claim process.
I am in no doubt that your great work resulted in my Client receiving their full entitlement of their loss.
Gary was also an enormous support to a major local business’ settlement which enabled the business to ‘get back on their feet’ in the earliest possible timeframe.
I have been involved with a few fire claims in the past and this is the fastest and smoothest I have seen one of this scale progress.

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