I asked my insurer for “professional fees” entitlement under my policy. I wanted to engage a lawyer to assist me with my claim, insurer said “NO” to my request for a lawyer but suggested a claims manager such as LMI.  I’d like to thank my insurer for denying my initial request and introducing LMI to me.

Without Des Reaby’s knowledge, determination and empathy, my claim would most likely still be “being processed” by my insurer instead of being settled in full via a most acceptable cash pay out.
My matter was extremely convoluted and in hindsight I truly believe that a lawyer could not have delivered this outcome for me.

I’ve learned three valuable lessons:

1. Expect the unexpected;

2. Insure for consequential / resultant losses (where possible); and

3. Engage a claims manager (highly recommend LMI)  ASAP, even at your own expense.

Sincere thanks for your help Des and LMI.