We had a large Hail Storm in Biloela which caused many claims and replacement of many roofs. We had 1 client who suffered damage and had a report that the roof needed to be replaced.

The Insurer and Assessor conducted a Valuation At Risk report which showed the property was significantly under insured. I did not agree with the report and tried raising my concerns with the both the Insurer and Assessor all to no success.

I then contacted Rian Jenkinson – State Manager QLD of the LMI Group, who I had used on other claims to great success. Rian confirmed my concerns and took over the claim management. Rian travelled to the Insured location to do his own assessment, arranged alternate quotes and communicated with the Assessor.

Rian was able to settle the claim for significantly more than the insurer originally offered and in a timely manner (all with no Under Insurance).

I highly recommend using LMI and especially Rian Jenkinson and he will definitely be my go to when a claim goes south and I need someone on my side to fight for the client