To whom it may concern,

This is a testimonial for the LMI Group and specifically Gary Price in his role as State Manager.

In the 18 months proceeding the June 2016 floods Gary and his company have been engaged by a number of local residents to assist in their attempts to have insurance claims resolved and in particular, to provide experience and professional support on their behalf.  Insurance policies are generally written in terms that are not easily interpreted or understood by community members and Gary’s knowledge and experience has proved invaluable in assisting with successful settlement of several protracted claims for Latrobe residents.

Gary was also an enormous support to a major local business’ settlement which enabled the business to ‘get back on their feet’ in the earliest possible timeframe.

I consider Gary’s work in assisting local residents has gone above and beyond that for which he has been paid and I, along with a number of members of our community, will be eternally grateful for his assistance during this most difficult time.

Kind regards,