To whom it may Concern

In July 2011 a fire severely damaged our large home.  Insurance assessors said from the outset it was a total loss (over $1.5 million) and soon thereafter, our claim was denied. A business friend, who had experienced a similar loss through a large house fire, recommended that I contact Erik Kroon of LMI Group, South Australia. It proved to be the best advice I have ever had.

In our ignorance, my wife and I believed that so long as there was no question regarding whether our house fire was deliberate, we would be covered by our insurance policy.    Erik’s knowledge of policy wording and his clear explanations   were invaluable. His exceptional contacts in the field of scientific fire investigation proved vital in determining the fire cause and in ultimately winning our dispute with our Insurers.

Erik proved to be a hardworking and tenacious negotiator. He was absolutely instrumental in our dispute reaching a successful outcome. He was always positive and kept us believing we would succeed. He and the LMI Group became our loyal and trusted ally.

I would highly recommend Erik Kroon of LMI Group to anyone who has experienced a major insured loss. You will need his knowledge and advice. You will need his persistence and ‘never fail’ attitude. The cost is dwarfed by the benefit. Having Erik and the LMI Group on your team will certainly lead to a better and sooner outcome.