If anyone is deserving of an award, it is you & your team. Your team made the difference & got the insured through this difficult process – I know it’s your ‘job’ to do so, however it goes far beyond that. I’ve got no doubts that the claim would have gone to IDR & beyond given the stance the insurer/assessors took following the fire, & been far more protracted & stressful for all involved to boot.

I very clearly remember the morning of the fire, receiving the call from the insured, then calling Adam immediately following – at around 6.00am. Your team was onsite by 9am & it was an absolutely unbelievable feat that the insured was up & trading within a few days. Alas, this was only the beginning of the work to come.

The insured & I had discussed at length the necessity of building in adequate claims preparation costs from day one, & the value of this has well & truly come to fruition.

LMI – making insurance great again!