Further to the assistance provided by the LMI Group in preparing our claim for damages to the Larrikin Hotel, Bowen sustained by Tropical Cyclone Debbie in March of this year.

As a result of our approach you arranged for Mr. Rex Manning-Voyce to handle our matter which really was our first ever major claim against any insurance company and the whole matter was an awakening to how the insurance industry actually works.

The definition of the claim and the interpretation of the policy clauses really meant we required the services of someone experienced in the preparation of our claim and Rex Manning-Voyce handled that situation with complete understanding and professionalism.

Could I convey to you our appreciation for the services provided by the LMI Group and in particular that of Rex Manning-Voyce whose understanding of insurance policies and their interpretation really clarified our position. The service he provided could only be described as excellent.

It was evident that our previous insurance policy failed us in many areas.