It is fantastic to see the insurance industry in full swing for a customer in their time of need. It makes me feel immensely proud to be part of our great industry when we can achieve a result like this and to deliver on our promise. If only the various media outlets reported on the great things we can do for our customers rather than focusing on the hard luck stories!

I am mindful that these results don’t just happen, it is only when all sides of the fence pull in the same direction that we can achieve something great. From early on with this claim it appeared we had the right people in the room, it is pleasing to see at the back end of this claim that those early thoughts have now been justified.

I would like to extend my personal thanks to both of you for assisting GSB in getting back to business. I know it is your job, but what you have been able to do for GSB is truly remarkable, and an immensely satisfying experience to be a part of.

The fact that GSB suffered such a severe fire to their main manufacturing area and they are now back operating at 100% within 10 months is a great achievement.  Both GSB and I are sincerely grateful for all the work on this claim – thank you !