As a senior broker I regularly seek to involve the LMI group in claims, especially when they involve large scale & complex losses.

Having LMI in my corner always give me a sense of hope and optimism that the client will get the insurance outcome they paid for.

LMI bring to the table a unique skillset and always demonstrate pragmatism and a willingness to be proactive and get things moving.

They always strive to help our clients through the many challenging obstacles that significant loss events inevitably bring.

I often see cases in which they are able to “rescue” businesses that would otherwise succumb to the dire circumstances they face.

Best of all they work collaboratively  with clients, insurers, intermediaries ,accountants and trades.

When a business is restored after a large claim so many people benefit  – staff retain jobs –landlords keep tenant –Insurers save money –broker retains client.

It’s a win/win scenario.

LMI help people pull through together out of darkness and into the light – Isn’t that what Insurance is all about?