Dear Mr. Manning,

My name is Jan Meredith, and I am an AR under AUSURE in Brisbane.

Our family suffered a house fire at the very end of December 2019 and unfortunately, we are still displaced from our home.

We were and still are insured with Blue Zebra Home and Contents Accidental Damage.

I was verbally advised by Claims Central very early on, that by being a Broker – they would take good care of their own and that we would have nothing to worry about – they would make the whole claims process easy and painless.

With this assured confidence from BZI, I in turn, assured my family that Mum has got this –

the insurer, the product and the system would have our back. Unfortunately for our family, the bushfires at the end of 2019 and at the beginning of 2020 coupled with the outbreak of COVID-19 did not help with our family’s disaster, the claims handling, and the claims management and service that was provided to us by BZI.

To avoid any conflict of interest, I engaged a colleague to assist with my claim. This helped to an extent, but the constant delay and arguing back and forth with the insurer did not provide me with any confidence that we would see the end of our claim nor see anything paid close to our sum’s insured under our policy.

Due to the circumstances I mentioned that we found ourselves in, coupled with the work from home for many in our industry – the ongoing back and forth with the insurer took its toll on my husband and children.

It took 5 months to receive the total loss payment of our contents and although it took so

long for this to occur; I will say this; that BZI were very good to continue to pay our temporary accommodation during this time.

But our issues and the delays continued with the Building Sum Insured portion of our claim.

One moment we were told it would be a repair, then a rebuild. Three builders were sent out. Our structural engineer report was rejected. It appeared that with every forward step with BZI, there were four steps backwards for us.


The communication from BZI was dreadful and the return phone calls to us from BZI were at a minimum. Many voicemail messages were left for our Claims Manager with very few to no calls returned.

Alas – it was a stressful time for all of us. We felt helpless, confused, drained and at a loss of how to move forward.

HOWEVER, THIS WAS UNTIL – The LMI Group Stepped in.

After engaging The LMI Group – the hassle and the constant back and forth with information became painless. Our Claim began to proceed without issue. It was truly – absolutely amazing.

Rian Jenkinson – State Manager QLD of the LMI Group – took on our Claim and reviewed all correspondence from me to BZI and vice versa. It was clear from the start that our family and now our claim were indeed in incredibly qualified hands which in turn provided us with greater confidence and peace of mind to say the least.

Rian reviewed the BZI Policy Wording to the letter and provided information of additional cover that I as a broker unfortunately did not even contemplate – this was a real eye opener for me. If I was to be honest with myself – as a Broker and asked myself with brutal honesty – “would I have provided this level of knowledge and understanding to my own clients with this same claim?” The answer I gave myself to this question is a sad and a very scary – “NO”.

Without the expertise and profound knowledge of Rian and The LMI Group, my husband Scott and I would have settled for the minimal offerings from BZI months prior; which would have without a doubt, left us extremely short of funds for our rebuild. We would have remained so very lacking in the understanding and knowledge of our entitlements under our policy.

Hand on heart and without a doubt – My Husband and I believe that the best decision we ever made – was to Engage The LMI Group.

Rian managed to escalate our Claim to a much higher level within the BZI Claims Team in a matter of hours once we provided him with all the information he asked for. Rian’s communication with BZI was incredibly direct and concise.

Rian provided BZI with a detailed account of our Claim. He presented a profound understanding of the policy wording, not only to us but to BZI also. With a clear list of entitlements afforded to us under our wording, Rian was successful in organizing an amazing outcome for our family.

We Cannot Thank Rian Jenkinson of The LMI Group Enough.

Through my own brokering business, truth be known, I have only engaged The LMI Group through the Steadfast Website – actioning various policy comparisons, risk hazard assessments, using the BI Calculators and also through the attendance of The LMI Group Webinars when available…


I did not know that The LMI Group provided this service to Brokers. I would highly recommend The LMI Group to all customers and to every Steadfast Broker and or AR.

I would encourage all Brokers and AR’s to do themselves and their client’s an incredible service; when they find themselves faced with a complex claim – Engage – The LMI Group.

Their Client’s will thank them beyond words and measure. Once again, I repeat – Engage – The LMI Group. Payment of their services can be covered under the Claims Preparation section within the policy.

Once The LMI Group is engaged within the Claims process – not only will Brokers and AR’s provide a valuable service to their clients, they will also secure a better understanding – a priceless knowledge of the policy, it’s wording and how to deal with complex claims – it is a guaranteed Win, Win for all parties.

Assuring You Of My Best Intentions At All Times.

Sincerely Always,

Jan Meredith