Register and attend FREE for the Online Mansfield Awards! Help support the Amal Mulia Orphanage.

The proceeds from the Mansfield Awards that are generated from sponsorship and the sale of tickets to the awards event, have gone to support disadvantaged children at the Amal Mulia Orphanage in Bengkulu, Indonesia.

This orphanage was chosen as it was important that this event be not for profit. It was also important to do this while recognising the great work of insurance claims teams. At the end of the day, claims service is the promise our industry delivers.

Greg Pynt speaks about the orphanage from the 2018 Awards.

The Awards are named after Lord Mansfield. He established the principle of Utmost Good Faith, that is the key to ensuring workable general insurance. We felt it was appropriate to find a deserving charity near the location of the claim that gave rise to Lord Mansfield’s 1766 decision in Carter v Boehm. The site of the loss was Fort Marlborough, a British East Indian Fort situated in Bengkulu on the island of Indonesia.

The orphanage is very close to the fort and was set up to care and educate children with disabilities. The children are often orphaned or abandoned by their parents.

Over the past five years the proceeds have made a marked change to the children’s lives. We have provided a clean drinking well, replaced the roof, provided computers, a back up generator, repainted the interior, doubled the capacity of the orphanage and supplied new desks, chairs, books, sporting and musical equipment plus a whole lot more.

Over the past 12 months the proceeds from the Mansfield Awards have built a new septic tank, carried out much needed maintenance to the buildings, built a handball court for the children to exercise on and delivered more musical and sporting equipment.

Although we cannot meet in person for this year’s event, your attendance to the ONLINE Mansfield Awards 2021 helps us continue to support the orphanage. The event is totally free and we encourage all to attend.

Some images of the equipment and repairs that were made during 2020/2021.