This month our PCI team are participating in The May 50K to raise awareness for MS!

“We’ve jumped on board to raise awareness as one of our own has been living with MS for many years,” our Director of Policy Services, Sharron Walker said. “We wanted to not only show support to them but also do something together whilst working remotely, and also as an excuse to get us out of the house.”

As part of the fundraiser the team will be walking, running or rolling 1.6km per day. Never one to shy away from a physical challenge, Sharron dared the team that if five of them agreed to do the May50K she would double it and do 100km!

The team started last week and are already loving it! Some of their partners are also joining in, and even our very own CEO Steve Manning has jumped on board.

Each day, they check in and share photos of where their activities have ended up, “so we are all seeing a little bit of each other’s piece of the world”, Sharron said. They already reached an impressive 46km on day 1!

If you would like to join this fantastic fitness challenge that is for a good cause, you can visit this link to register:

Here are some photos of Sharron and Steve working hard and putting in their kilometres!