Only a matter of a few weeks ago, Revell Weightman head of LMI Forensic was appointed to do a complete review of the business interruption program for one of Sydney’s leading restaurants. The brokerage use LMI exclusively on all their major accounts to ensure that the sum insured and extensions of cover are correct for their clients.

Two week’s later the business was effected by fire. The owners, management, staff and the broker himself felt comforted to know that the cover for the vital business interruption cover was correct and that they would be fully insured with no penalty for under insurance, with adequate cover for additional increase in cost of working and claims preparation to allow Revell and the LMI team to now do what they do best, mitigate the loss and disruption to the business and prepare the claim which allows the Insured to concentrate on getting back into business as quickly as possible with the least inconvenience to their customers. Similarly, management and staff know that their wages are fully insured and their financial position like their employer is in good hands.