The good news is that the Victorian Government has finally confirmed, that the inequitable Fire Service Levy imposed on the insurance industry causing triple taxation making insurance so expensive, is to be completely removed by 1 July 2013 ready for the 2013 State elections.

The bad news is that the Baillieu State Government has extracted a whopping 1/4 billion (not it is not a typo) in Capital Expenditure for the Country Fire Authority (CFA) out of those prudent enough to insure over the last 2 years since the Brumby Government said they would dump the tax.

Now we learn that unlike any other state that has removed the tax, namely Queensland, South Australia, and Western Australia, the Baillieu Government refuses to allow a transition between the new funding model and the current model. This is a complete nightmare for the insurance industry and just proves that the general view that this is one of most ineffectual out of touch state governments in the history of Victoria.

I am apolitical only seeking a change of government believing that Peter Ryan, as the leader of Victorian National Party got it when it came to the FSL. He is now the Deputy Premier of Victoria and holds the portfolios of Regional and Rural Development, Police and Emergency Services and Bushfire Response. He of all people should understand the problem but like so many politicians he is all talk and no meaningful action.

If we had our time over, I think a lot of us would have preferred Premier Brumby had been allowed to finish the job and see the end of the FSL while he was at the helm.