From Solving Murders to Insurance Fraud, Peter’s career and experience puts the “Master” in “Masterclass”

We have been working hard behind the scenes to expand our stable of insurance experts for our Masterclasses. Friend of LMI, Peter Hiscock’s name kept coming up as a candidate. We thought we would take some time to let you know exactly why we chose him to host our LIVE Insurance Fraud Masterclass!

Career in Victoria Police – Detective Peter Hiscock

Peter’s extensive investigative and interview skills started with 15 years of policing for Victoria Police. Five of those years being in the Homicide Squad. Working on such high profile cases as the “Easey Street Murders.”

This honed his natural ability to determine truth from fiction, preparing him perfectly for the world of insurance fraud.

Peter, second from the left during his time in Victoria Police. Credit: Victoria Police.

Peter Hiscock & Partner – Private Investigator

Peter operated his own investigation business (predominantly for the insurance industry), focusing on fires, burglaries, car thefts, staged accidents and basically anything that is insured for the last 30 years!

Cases that graced his desk include stolen Rembrandt Etchings (see an article in The Age here), paid Arsonists (see article here) and more!

What can I expect from the Masterclass?

Why tell you when we can show you?! This is just a taste of what you can excerpt from his LIVE Insurance Fraud Masterclass.

Insurance Fraud is a challenging issue that is impacting on insurance professionals across the industry. Whether you are a starting in the insurance industry or an experienced claims professional, join Peter Hiscock
in our masterclass webinar series to increase your awareness of insurance fraud.