We have just learnt that Premier John Brumby has agreed to accept the Royal Commission’s finding to drop the Fire Service Levy.

LMI Group’s CEO, Dr Allan Manning, was ecstatic about this news, welcoming the leadership and statesmanship of Premier Brumby, who has been a long-term advocate to retain the Fire Service Levies.

This is great for the Victorian economy, for the citizens, and the business owners. Well done, Mr Brumby!

LMI Group are proud of their part in this longstanding fight, contributing with their NoTaxOnInsurance campaign and website, and a detailed submission provided to the Royal Commission. This was just one such push that we are sure contributed to this outstanding result.

Further details on stamp duty and the alternative funding will be watched with interest. Hopefully, the State Governments of New South Wales and Tasmania will follow suit. The fight will go on till all Australian States and New Zealand drop their unfair tax on Insureds.