Flooding hit the lower states over the last few weeks leaving devastation in its wake.

Flooding has hit parts of Victoria and New South Wales with more rain to come. This has left roads closed, businesses/homes flooded and people displaced. It is in times like these that the insurance industry is relied upon to give people the much needed guidance to get them though these difficult times.

We recently re-shared this article that gave some quick tips on how best look after yourself and your client during a flood. We also made an Insurance Bites video back when the floods hit in a similar area in 2017.

Georg Froeschl is leading a team of LMI Group’s best to help with this disaster. This experienced team is ready and waiting to help the insurance community get through this disaster. If you need any assistance with a flood claim, be it directly or for a client, we are here at any time for a no obligation chat. See the form below.

How we can help with flood and storm damage:

If you or one of your clients has suffered a loss, please call our claims on the number below.