Catastrophic flooding has washed through Auckland, New Zealand.

Dubbed the “biggest climate event in New Zealand’s history“, the Auckland floods have left devastation in their wake.

LMI is working hard to assist the people affected by the desolation. We have got some of LMI Group’s finest, Felicity and Tony Howie, on the ground helping the insurance community during this tough time.

LMI’s Felicity Howie gave the following summary of the situation:

“27 January brought provisionally the wettest day ever recorded in Auckland, New Zealand, with a number of weather stations recording in excess of 200mm in 18 hours.

“The weather station in Albany recorded 260.6mm between 3am and 9pm and some parts of the city were hit with more than 150mm in the space of three hours, bringing severe flooding. Maximum one-hour accumulations in the city reached 50 to 70mm, lasting for several hours. These totals amount to almost 300% of a normal January rainfall beating the previous record for the month of 206mm in 1986 and causing extensive flash flooding across the region.”

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